Thursday 9 December 2010

Honey Trap 2 ????

The names of the two women associated with the Julian Assange sex crime debacle emerged this week and to my surprise It seems that I know the younger one of these women personally. She was part of an exhibition called Nordic Stories that I presented in collaboration with curator Rachel O'Dowd at Elastic Residence in 2007. I also taught her Video and Performance on her BA Hons Fine Art Course at the University of Wales Newport. I have thought a lot about the whole issue as it is very complex and as has been stated elsewhere, one can not be sure what the motives for reporting these events to the police really were ( beyond the revenge, woman scorned type stuff that has been trotted out by right wing, left wing and Islamic press)
It is interesting to read the Naomi Wolf comments in the Huffington Post as she points fun at both Interpol and the two women. This is counterbalanced by Amy Siskind who also in the Huffington Post points out that Ms Wolf was not being much of a sister here.

The only way I can think about this is by putting myself in the shoes of the younger woman, who is same age now, as I was, when, as a Mature Age (26) year old student, I went back to finish my degree at Art College, after a gap spent as part of the political poster making group JILLPOSTERS in Melbourne. I was a radical feminist and yet I managed to get really drunk one night and I woke up at someone else's place with one of my fellow students grinding away on top of me to my absolute horror and disgust. This was before the concept of "date rape, but I remember feeling violated but also full of self blame because I allowed things to get out of control(By drinking myself into a stupor). Ms Wilen approached the police ostensibly because she wanted Assange to be tested for STDS, she may have been encouraged by the slightly older woman as Sofia is shy and socially awkward in a nice way - however although I have not spoken to her I can guarantee that she must also have been feeling violated by the encounter that she had had with Julian Assange. Whom is certainly guilty of taking advantage of the undoubted charisma and sway he has, by having his way with these women (Both of whom seem to be beautiful blonds)and no doubt others. This is very common behavior for men in this power position and numerous examples could be cited here.

I was tested for STDS and HIV after this encounter with a fellow student which luckily I was clear of ... but unfortunately I did get pregnant as a result of this drunken night and had an abortion
These are very real fears that Sofia must have had as she approached the Police Station.

However I am a huge fan of Wikileaks and do not for a moment believe that they are really holding Assange because the Swedish Government cares about this complaint, but instead because he is wanted in the USA and the Swedes want to send him there with the help of our own Blimey.

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Honey Trap

I have not posted here for a while, but these days with the combination of the Arrest of Mr Wikileaks, fellow Australian Julian Assange in London and also the emergence of a cohesive student movement for the first time in three or four decades, I felt compelled to write something. Please see post that follows-

Wednesday 11 November 2009

Wednesday 28 October 2009

I ______ my Beuys @ James Taylor Gallery

A Durational Performance by Deej Fabyc

Artist Deej Fabyc has been worrying and troubling familial relationships in her work for many years. The new work takes the concept of the familial in a different direction as she claims notable art world figures as members of her family. In this work Fabyc is developing a complex maternal relationship with a life size effigy of Joseph Beuys. Over three hours on Saturday, Mr Beuys will be tended to with a variety of intimate gestures, as the Artist slowly moves through the James Taylor gallery. Finishing up in the Five Years space

3-6pm Saturday 31st of October

The James Taylor Gallery

James Taylor Gallery

Collent Street


E9 6SQ


Bus: 26, 277, 388, 425

Train: Hackney Central, Hommerton and London Fields

Wednesday 22 July 2009

Maria Lactans the Incredible Miracle

I am presenting this Incredible Miracle at Fete for the Wicked on the hour 1pm to 9pm
That's nine performances in 9 hours. I dont want to spill too much information before hand; but yes it does involve fluids and I am going to be assisted by a couple of my Ex Students from Newport School of Art Media and Design live artist Kieron Da-silva Beckerton (Graduated in 2007) and media artist Glen James Pearce (Graduated in 2008)